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Wage Increase Negotiating Skills

We all want to earn more money and that is a fact. You hear it all the time at work from most colleagues that they should be earning more, it is just human nature. The workplace is a dynamic environment where individuals move up the ladder, new employees join the company and seem to garner good salaries above inflation whilst others who have been in the same job for a while seem to be lagging behind and lose their spark or ability to ask for more money. They may be luck to get a meager rise annually.

If this is you and feel that you a re underpaid or undervalued there are several routes that you can take.

Firstly you can stay in the same job, okay you wont get a pay rise you want but you have security and also will continue to grow your skills so this step may have some strong potential for the future. Secondly you can use a site like and others and look for a move and new job with an increased salary, this will not be a fluid move as the market is competitive and may take time. Also is the grass always greener? Thirdly you can also stay put but in this case you can ask for that pay rise.

To follow this third step through it is vital that you go to your manager with a strong argument of why you are worth more for the job that you do .To make a lucid case an initial step to do  this is to carry out  some research on similar jobs and roles  as yours.This case can be done  by looking around career resources,recruitment sites  ,job sites -look at the salaries,packages and benefits are they on a par with your renumeration.Are others paid more for doing  the same job as yours.Show examples of such jobs with evidence.

Have a case put forward why you should have a payrise.The work which you do after hours,take home work,unpaid overtime ,training etc Also how your commitment and loyalty to the company has brought it benefits beyond what you are paid and you feel it is time that you were rewarded for your diligence.

Importantly though is when you are putting your case across for your salary increase.Timing is pivotal.Ask when you are performing very effectively and your work has been given positive recognition-you maybe have just contributed a strong set of results or were central in the implementation of a new system or process.These examples are perfect for strengthening your case.If the company has been performing well your chances of securing a wage rise is much more likely too.Similarly don't go asking if the company has recorded poor trading results or has just recently had a raft of redundancies.

Also be realistic in what you ask for and you will be more likely get what you ask for.

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