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The Seven Steps To Promotion

It's always been a goal for most when they set off in their new career or job on how to achieve a promotion within a company .With promotion comes greater responsibility, kudos and off course remuneration.

Here are seven principles which can provide some guidance and assistance in your step by step up the ladder.

  • Take on new projects at work. Projects which are immediately within your own remit and also outside your department. Take a lead in accomplishing goals by staying on target and keeping everyone in the loop. Also take an active part in company events, it is a fact that promotions are often given to those who have displayed a penchant for taking the lead in challenges and tasks.
  • an obvious but sometimes overlooked principle of continuous learning. As the world changes –new ideas, practises and off course technology we should be always looking to develop ourselves. Companies do from time to time offer sponsored workshops and training classes it is these sessions where we can garner new skills and qualifications. Also an approach which is becoming more prevalent is the number of full time workers who are augmenting their skills by fulfilling a degree or masters via the Open University where you can study from home.
  • Display a keen interest not only in the company and its performance but also in your own individual standpoint ,by garnering feedback from your line manager or supervisor. It is such feedback (via appraisals) which can point you in the right direction on your career path and personal development. It is important also, to ask how you can get on the management track, other areas which can be helpful is to find about how the company creates its corporate strategy and ethos.
  • In addition to a journey of continuous learning it is very important that we evolve along the road .So in short to be flexible and adapting your personal style to dovetail new working .It is generally a fact that successful leader have a good understanding to adapt to the changing environment wether it be social or the marketplace or the organisation itself.
  • The old maxim of ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ is somewhat liberally used but the fundamentals are that it is true statement. It is pivotal that you have good relationships with your work colleagues junior and senior. Workplaces are basically social entities and getting on with your ‘family’ is a vital co-efficient in developing and growing within that environment.
  • whilst you are committed your job and the promotion which you have as an ultimate target it is a pre-requisite that you look and act the part. In short be professional and look polished.7/Ultimately the only way you are going to get a promotion is by being committed .Thus the individual who truly wants to climb the ladder of career success will have committed to a plan so when promotional opportunities become available they will be prepared to accept and rise to the challenge.
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