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Our top tips For Looking the part at work

The way you look at your work sends out an impression of what you are all about. This message you send out is so important. It's worth taking the time to get this right andyour dress can help make or break your professional reputation.

Be prepared for the next day at work

Taking a wee bit of time the night before planning your business dress will help you avoid looking like you got dressed on the way to work on the train or bus. It also allaysany stress or worry that a morning dash can bring. Also avoid wearing the same outfit two days in a row, you want to project a fresh dynamic image. A bit of planning andco-ordination is so worth it.

Invest in an iron to make your clothes look business sharp

If you don't own an iron, get one. This is a great investment which will make your clothes and you look business sharp. With practice you will get your shirts having a razorsedge. The truth is if you want to be taken seriously by your bosses and fellow workmates you have to take your own image very seriously. Imagine your boss with an un-ironed shirt,what will you think? Success, sharp dresser? No. Even more so it shows a slack and don't care attitude. So get ironing.

Dress like your boss

If you want to hit the mark in the expected standards of dress code at work, look no further to your boss for inspiration. If your boss dresses in a relaxed way ,jeans ,poloshirt ,casual shoes ,well then go ahead follow that lead. But if your boss is slightly eccentric and off the wall ,it may be advisable to take a few notches of the 'dress like theboss scale' ,as being a clone can have the opposite of the desired effect.

Don't forget to polish those shoes

A good example when you think of gleaming shoes and smart attire goes no further than army officers at parade, their boots gleaming a with sheen that you can see yourreflection in them. Polished shoes means that your attention to detail is first class and a serious player in presentation. And dark or blue socks, never white, are the perfectpartner for your shoes. White socks a no go area.

Overdressed is better than underdressed

Overdress as long it is in keeping with the image which is expected of you. An overcoat / raincoat or a scarf are perfect accompanimentsfor your business attire. This does not mean that you wear a big scarf like that worn by Dr Who as this may seem a bit funky ! But co-ordinate your accessories for business andyou will look perfect, as you just never who you will impress.

Quality over quantity

Investing in your work dress is one of the best investments you can do. Better business wear will last longer it will keep its look, rather than a cheaper alternative whichwill become worn much quicker. Having a quality wardrobe will not only save your money in the long run but it will also stamp you as a person of class and a true professional atyour work. Ensuring you look the part, it is a good idea to help to take care of your garments by getting them dry cleaned and maintain the button thread etc.

Comfort leads to confidence

Dressing for your business activities appropriately is what should aim for and which that is most comfortable for you and your daily activities. If you spend most of yourworkday literally running in and out of the office to meetings off site and visiting places such as construction sites make sure your business attire suits these activities. Dresswear can also give you an edge, for example if you have a potentially stressful meeting planned the next day wear your favourite suit, shirt and tie. If you feel comfortable andrelaxed you will be confident and excel at your work.

Be you

We are all individuals and have our own identity and we don't want to lose that, so it is important to retain that whilst at work too.Dressing appropriately is key. Whateverthe dress code is, personalise your outfit with your own brand of magic. Life is too short to look boring and clone like. So get dressing.

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