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How To Get The Most Out Of A Job

We are at our place of work, if we work full time, generally even more than we are at home with our families and friends. Therefore it’s important that we make the most of it. But what does making the most of it mean? Does that mean getting the most money? Yes, it’s a factor, but research indicates it’s about whether we enjoy our work or not. If we enjoy our work then we will do a better job and be more committed.

So what is my boss going to do to make me enjoy my work and make me more committed and hopefully then do a better job? Yes, there are many things the boss can do for you, but what can you do for yourself? How about saying I am going to enjoy my job!! It’s all down to attitude and you choose your attitude! But many people don’t believe they choose their attitude or that they have the power to choose their attitude, but we do – we are in charge of ourselves. It’s a matter of attitude and accountability, realising that you can make things happen or not happen the same way as you can choose to smile and engage and enjoy, the same way as you can choose not to. Too many people believe that’s ‘it’s not my fault’, ‘you made me do it’, ‘you make me feel like this!’ No you are choosing to feel like that – and if you don’t want to – don’t! Granted it’s hard, life happens but we need to make a conscious effort to change our mood and outlook. That in its self will raise our spirits but also it will spread to others and encourage them to raise their mood and change their attitude and make the workplace a better place to work in.

If we have a place that we want to go because it’s a good place to work because we have good friends, we feel valued because we feel we can make a difference ourselves; we influence our boss and colleagues with our upbeat attitude thus making it better for everyone.

Together with attitude comes being present; being present in the moment. In most cases we applied for our job because we wanted it and sometimes the reason we don’t get all we want from it is because although we might spend many hours there, some of us are not always present. We are thinking about other things, not concentrating on the task or the person at hand and therefore they don’t respond accordingly and our work is less interesting because we are not taking the time to get the most out of it.

Whilst our boss / organisation indeed have their role to play in ensuring that people are engaged in order to get the best of them, much of the engagement comes down to ourselves and we have to make a choice to enjoy and get the best out of work.

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