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How To Deal With A Difficult Boss

The workplace can be the most stressful environment for the most stoic of characters with the culture of targets, time constraints and the prevailing economic climate and threat of unemployment and redundancy. A factor also which can cause you undue stress however is your boss who may be difficult or intransigent on a daily basis and who brings with him or her an environment of tension and causes fear. It is likely that your ‘superiors’ demeanour may also be caused by the stress of responsibility and workload and it maybe that their bark may be worse than their bite. Nonetheless it is important not to cower in the midst of the boss but stand tall and be heard.

Here are some pieces of advice and solutions in handling a formidable boss.

  • If you are subject to criticism from your boss it is essential not to react emotionally as this tense situation will breed more conflict.Rathermore use their criticism as an angle for discussions of interest or work goals ,ask them their opinion .Similarly if they are being a critique on your work ask them again their opinion on how they would carry out the tasks etc This empathy should extinguish some of the rots of the tension.
  • Never react to harsh words from your boss as this will ultimately break out into war of words and ego’s which your boss will likely be the victor. So it is important to placate the boss. The best way to handle this potential explosive situation is to acknowledge their views e.g. ‘You are right’ and then walk away.
  • Always keep your professional head on whilst dealing with your boss or manager and be conscious of differentiating of not liking your boss and not being professional. You don’t have to like your boss as a person but you do have to carry out your duties as a subordinate.
  • It may prove worthwhile to be introspective and assess your own attitude, behaviour or performance in the workplace before you go criticising them .Get feedback from your co-workers –how do they see your performance or attitude .This will help in assessing whether your boss is being unfair or not. If you do however feel that your boss is unduly being harsh and awkward it may then be that you go to the next step.
  • you should then look to gather additional support from others in your workplace. Numbers have strength and thus it will then be allot more challenging for a boss to attack a number of their staff. A last resort will then ultimately be going up the chain of command
  • This has to stressed a final step in dealing with a problem boss as it can stir up more tension and conflict in the workplace as your workmates may not back you in your grievance and see you as a troublemaker .A guarantee however will be that your boss will not take kindly about you going behind their back and the scenario of retribution is a likelihood. So best to speak to your boss and explain your feelings on their attitude if you feel that your nearing the end of your tether. Talking is always a way of working out differences.
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