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How To Ask For A Pay Rise

If you think that you deserve a pay rise and want to approach your boss, it’s important to prepare your case beforehand so that you are able to influence and negotiate effectively.

In order to influence your boss it’s important to understand your own worth, not just monetarily but in terms of what you do for the organisation and the impact that has. Review your job description and your objectives and identify what is it that you do over and above the normal expectations; what difference have you made to the organisation. You want to present a case so that your boss believes that you are invaluable and absolutely worth any additional money and that a pay rise may even be an additional incentive to you doing even better work. Remember, if you are just doing the basic job and no one else is getting a pay rise or anything out with the norm – what makes you different? Prepare a list of your achievements and the impact they have had. Look at others around you, what is it that is making you stand out and deserve extra compensation?

Think about any conversations or reviews you have had with your boss, what has been said? What did he / she appreciate about you and what were your areas for improvement? Have you met them and if so, how? This is all important information that should be prepared in advance of any conversation.

However it’s important to read the situation and be careful about threatening to leave or use another job as leverage as you may find your just find your bluff being called! Be careful about how you use any leverage, persuasion not threatening!

Persuasion and influencing is about presenting compelling reasons, so gather your data on your performance and possibly if you are able present salary benchmarks for your role, perhaps by looking up job vacancies for similar roles to understand the market rate is for your role and be realistic about what you are asking for

Choose the right time, if the company is suffering financially or has made an agreement for a pay freeze for example, that may not be the best time to approach your boss as you will just give the impression as someone who doesn’t understand the situation!

Make sure you understand the remuneration process for your organisation, is your role part of an agreed banding process? If that is case then there may be absolutely no leverage for your boss and giving special treatment to one individual may cause employee relations issues. However if your role is based on pay for performance, then that is the ideal opportunity for you to negotiate a pay increase specifically for you, as long as you have tangible realistic evidence.

If after looking at the market rate for your role, having prepared an outline of your achievements and the impact they have had, you still believe you deserve a pay increase and it’s a realistic time to approach your boss; it’s now about plucking up the courage to actually do it! Believe in yourself; practice what you are going to say and how you are going to present it to your boss beforehand. Anticipate any objections or barriers your boss may present and think of your response. Remember any additional payments your boss makes impacts the company profits and possibly even his / her pay! So you have to be very compelling and assertive in presenting your case if you believe you are being underpaid, and good luck!

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