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Having A Relationship At Work

Everyone knows there is a bit of a taboo about having a relationship with somebody you work with. There are a number of different reasons for this, but there are also a number of ways you could manage it in order to make it work.

1. Keep it quiet

This is not to say you should keep it a secret. The main reason you would need to keep it a secret is if it is forbidden. However, by keeping it quiet, it can be easier to manage. So what is meant by keeping it quiet?

Ask people not to talk about it at work. Let them know that it is personal, and has nothing at all to do with the workplace. If you hear people gossiping, tell them to stop. Also, refrain from any intimate interactions in the workplace. Keep things strictly professional.

2. Keep your work and social life separate

Make sure that you are both aware of this. By keeping them separate from the start, you minimise the chances of any strain in the relationship taking over at work. This is linked to the first point, and is just as important. If you work with friends that you like to gossip with, make sure they know that the topic of you relationship is not allowed. Likewise, make sure you don't broach the topic yourself.

3. Stay professional

If you are in a position where you are the boss of your partner, then make sure this does not affect anything. Let it be known that they are not getting any privileges or special treatment just because you are in a relationship. If they do something wrong, they must have the same consequences as anyone else.

Likewise, if your partner is your boss, keep to this strict code. Make sure they don't give you any special privileges, and don't get upset when you are treated just like everyone else.

4. Don't bring arguments to work

If you are having problems at home, make sure they stay at home. Don't bring that strain into work, as it will have a negative effect on everyone. The atmosphere will be tense, and your fellow colleagues will feel like they have to tiptoe around. Your clients will also pick up on it, and this won't seem very professional.

The workplace needs to be as relaxed and stress-free as possible, so make sure it stays that way.

5. Don't bring work issues home

The above point can be true the other way round. If you are having issues at work that are building stress and arguments, keep them at work. Don't bring them home with you. By bringing them home you will just be putting extra unnecessary stress on your relationship, and this is likely to just get worse.

Ultimately, don't take it to heart when people tell you that having a relationship with your colleague won't work. There are risks with all relationships, you just need to know how to manage them properly.

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