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Employment Training

Whether it’s on the job or external training to aid your development and progress your career, it’s important to know how to go about getting training, why it helps and what kind of training is essential to your safety and ability at work.

Depending on your job and skills, training may or may not be available from your employer and you may want to consider enrolling in a course from a local provider. Often companies who are unable to deliver training may consider contributing to the costs of external training if the skills you learn are of use to them.

Time to Train

No time for training? Find out about the government “Time to Train” scheme for firms with 250 employees or more, where companies will allow time of for training, however they don’t have to contribute to the costs


How training benefits employees

Internal or external training can aid career development, improve productivity and improve the motivation and general health and happiness of an employee, making them less likely to be off sick, late or unproductive. As an employee you will feel more able, more valued and positive about your job or career


Case for training

Some companies, perhaps smaller firms who are worried about investing thousands into training staff only for them to leave to work for another business, can be hard to persuade about the benefits of training, we help you to present a case


Developing skills through training at work

As an experienced employee you may feel that training is not relevant to you and a waste of your time, it can be hard to see the benefits of learning new skills, new systems or refreshing skills you already know, and you may feel it’s a box ticking exercise


Hazardous substances training and why you can’t afford to ignore it

Work with hazardous substances or in a work place which has them on site? Find out more about COSHH. Hazardous substances can come in many forms including fumes, dust, mites, gases, liquids biological agents


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