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Employment Law

There may come a time in your employment and career, where you need to review employment law and how it affects you. You could be facing an issue of disciplinary or feel you have been unfairly treated at work. Your situation might be more severe and you have experienced discrimination. It's important to find guidance and take advice quickly and our articles can be a starting point for doing this.

Health and Safety at Work Act has it gone too far

Is it "Health and safety gone mad" or an important policy to protect against lax employers who put lives at risk by not taking correct safety measures? Passed in 1974 the act is the subject of much debate but has served to protect individuals for 30 years. It also covers the responsibility of the employee as well as the employer


Age Discrimination at Work

Age discrimination can be against younger and older candidates and can occur at application and interview stage as well as during your career, perhaps at times when promotions or internal vacancies are available


Sex Discrimination at Work

Employers cannot discriminate on the basis of gender, and across the UK successful campaigns for equal pay have been running for years, find out what can happen if an employee brings a successful case against their employer


Unfair Dismissal at Work

A potential minefield, unfair dismissal covers both the reasons for being dismissed and the processes which contribute to it, this could involve disciplinary action and verbal and written warnings and expert advice is always recommends


The Race Discrimination Act at Work UK

No employee should have to face any form of discrimination, including that of race and ethnicity, the Equality Act of 2010 protects employees from being discriminated against on the grounds of race


Employment Rights and the Equality Act 2010

Every individual who works in the UK is entitled to employment rights which means that the company that they work for follow through a legal set of guidelines and apply them to their workers.


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