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Doing Further Education Whilst Working

Working while involved in in further education is always an option. For some, the only way to make it through each term is to secure an income of some kind – from working behind a bar, to working the till at a supermarket chain. Whatever one’s reason for seeking out a bit work while studying, there is always a lot of thought that should go into the process beforehand.

Struggling to Commit

The first issue that springs to mind when it comes to studying and working simultaneously is often whether or not time will be made for both. As a student, working takes up the time that you would otherwise spend studying hard, or socializing. If these things already take up a lot of time, working will only add to the pressure. Alternatively, if you are engaged in work, your employer expects dedication to the job. A lot of the working students will often prioritise one over the other.

Time Management

At the same time, juggling two important aspects of life can work as an advantage too. A lot of the time, the ability to juggle will work to improve time management skills – something essential when it comes to further education. While your employer will appreciate turning up to work rested and on time, lecturers will notice the ability to hand assignments in on time, and make deadlines when requested. At the same time, future employers after graduation look for the ability to juggle work and education in employees and see it as an asset.


While trying to handle employment and student-life at the same time, another issue that is often talked about is transport. If you don’t have a car, getting from your college to your place of work can be a nightmare. Relying on transit or walking is never recommended when it comes to the worker-student. Both lecturers and employers expect promptness, so make sure that transport doesn’t prove too difficult to manage.

A good idea is always finding work on campus. In most colleges and universities, students will find a variety of jobs available on university grounds. From bar-tending to library-keeping, working on campus provides an array of benefits. Time becomes a great deal easier to handle, while you have something impressive to add to your CV after graduating.

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