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Changing Career In Your Forties

According to that old saying, "life begins at 40". Now, in the 21st century, this has never been more true. More than ever, people are deciding to change their career paths later in life. This may seem like a huge commitment, but in actual fact is far easier than might be expected.

The experience that comes with age is a huge advantage to changing career path in your forties. Many employers would look upon a candidate with life experience as an asset to their company, as employees of that age group are likely to be more dependable and work harder.

It may take some time to work up the career ladder in your new job, but as an older person, you're far more likely to have a definite, planned career trajectory. Young people often drift into their careers with a lack of direction and a lack of motivation, but those who decide to change careers are far more likely to know what they want to do. This leads to harder work, greater engagement with the job, and better results. A late career change leads to greater focus, and this is an asset employers cherish.

Not only will your career flourish, your personal satisfaction and happiness will sky rocket. Pursuing a career you're not sure about can be draining and depressing; nobody likes to go to work every day to do something they hate. Working out what you want to do and deciding to change the path of your career is likely to make you much more productive and, in the long run, much happier.

Changing career path in middle age may seem intimidating, but it's actually far easier than it looks. Many older people are undertaking "back to school" courses where they complete GCSEs or A-Levels they may have missed when younger, and even more are entering higher education for the first time. Most degree programmes are available part time and are extremely accommodating for those who have to work and study simultaneously. Although completing a degree can be hard work, it's also an enjoyable, rewarding experience. Having a degree is hugely beneficial in terms of your career, and is one of the main reasons that people reach 40, decide to change their career, and go back to education.

So, although at first it may seem an impossible task, changing careers at the age of 40 is far less difficult than it would appear at first glance. Finally deciding on what you want to do is a hugely satisfying and fulfilling feeling, and is well worth any of the initial stresses or worries. It's never too late to start doing what you love, so don't hesitate and do something about it today!

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