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Applying For Jobs

Interviews can be difficult but are over relatively quickly and you can usually find out quickly if you have been successful. Applying for jobs can be far harder, take far longer, and often be disheartening if you don’t hear back quickly or even at all.

Here we help you with some of the tasks involved in applying for a new job, the pitfalls and some specific circumstances which might arise including:

Writing a cover letter

Find out why you should include a cover letter, why they are important and how are used, we even provide an example letter for you to use as  you wish


How to Write a Cover Letter

Read our updated guide covering how to write a cover letter, what to include, how long to make it and the common pitfalls to avoid


Writing a CV

How to structure your CV and what to include and in what order


Job Searching

Key tips on where to start, how to keep motivated, how to  interpret adverts for jobs and how to progress your application  as well as some “offline” and more traditional methods of  finding your next job


Some more unusual jobs…

A light hearted article aimed at providing a bit of inspiration  if you are struggling to choose your career by showing you how  you can think out of the box


Call Centre Jobs

Some of the biggest global firms base their call centres in  Scotland – we give you a few pointers if you feel a call centre  job is for you


Dealing with BAD references

From preventing a bad reference in the first place to dealing  with the legalities of disputing a poor reference


Searching for a job online

More tips specific to online job searching and how to keep your  patience!


Finding work with a criminal record

From how to prepare whilst in prison to the best ways to find a  job when you leave, it can be a daunting prospect and we offer  some tips which may help


Your dream job can just be a tweet away

Social media networks such as Twitter has redefined the job search process...


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