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After The Job Interview

A job interview itself is probably one of the most tense experiences any of us can go through. The relief therefore after the event will be significant and the respite will be welcome. But an important thing that you must always do though is to review your performance after the interview .Here is a check list of things to ask yourself:

  • How was your punctuality?
  • Were you aware of your body language?
  • Were your responses to your questions acceptable?
  • How were you dressed?
  • Did you give good eye contact?
  • Did you speak clearly?
  • Did the interviewers warm to you?
  • How was your knowledge of their company?
  • Could your preperation have been better?

Feedback: A great leveller is how you performed through the eyes of your interviewers .This information will have been communicated to the agency you are dealing with or alternatively you can ask directly the company for feedback. This feedback is crucial in honing your skills of presentation and communication. Remember nobody is perfect and you will be stronger in certain areas so do expect some negative feedback.

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